Conference Services

Over the years ICS Global has earned a prestigious place in the world of medical conferences. Our experienced professional team of planners has organized many such successful medical conferences in India and abroad. We are not the usual PCO who lets you do all the hard work and come in the end just to manage the conference. Rather we are there from the very beginning to help not just bag the conference, but market it and raise enough funds to host a very successful event. Our expertise lies in marketing and fund raising. We coordinate with several pharmaceutical and non- pharmaceutical companies to bring in sponsorship and raise adequate fund to host the event.

We are one of the largest providers of medical conferences in India. Our experienced in-house IT team takes care of designing the website, put in informative content related to the event and creates a very user-friendly website for your conference. Our strong buying power helps us in arranging accommodation on in various categories of hotels ranging from budget to luxury at affordable rates. In turn, we provide the finest of accommodation to delegates who travel across countries to attend the meet at lowest rates possible.

  1. Pre-bidding of the conference: This is the foremost step where we prepare a bid in consultation with the local organizing association. We then decide on a successful strategy for winning the bid and executing the same.
  2. Preparation of Master Task List: There are several steps to get the conference right. So we initially prepare a master list to make sure nothing is left out. This helps in preparing a successful conference within the allotted time frame. We also ensure that the team sticks to the timeline and finishes off all tasks on time.
  3. Venue selection, negotiation, inspection, and contracting: A good venue is the heart of a successful conference. We help look for an appropriate location and inspect the site in person so that the venue is suitable for the conference, spacious, and is approachable to all. We help negotiate on the price and execute a fair contract. In case any exhibition hangers or meeting spaces/halls need to be created, we ensure they are done professionally and at a reasonable cost.
  4. Reservation of Hotels and Accommodation: We are one of India’s largest accommodation providers for medical conferences. Our well-equipped team ensures that delegates get the best rooms at the best possible rates. We guarantee a hassle-free check-in and resolve any problems before and during the conference. Delegates get a wide option of luxury and budget hotels to choose from.
  5. Website Creation: Our strong in-house IT Team design a website as per your requirement and puts in information in a user-friendly manner. We even equip it with the latest registration and travel/accommodation booking software. We can confidently say we will have the shortest turnaround time for all your needs, ranging from adding more content to a new booking engine or an additional payment gateway. Our IT team also specializes in online marketing to ensure you get the maximum relevant traffic possible at the lowest costs.
  6. Printing of Conference Collaterals: Our content and graphics team make sure that the brochures look informative and pictorially appealing. We also have touch with great printers in India and can negotiate good rates for you, at the same time keeping the print quality up to the mark.
  7. Financial Planning and Budgeting: For estimating expenses and generating revenue, we create a fund flow and sponsorship in such a way that takes care of a hassle-free cash flow. While planning the budget, we estimate expenses and the amount of revenue that can be generated from the event. We work closely with the organizing committee in bringing in maximum sponsorship. Also, all our past conferences have generated a good surplus in the end.
  8. Secretariat and Staffing: We ensure to keep a secretariat that has the essential experience to run a complete conference and keep on adding staff when required. They coordinate with all the delegates, sponsors, and head offices to ensure things run smoothly. Our secretarial team has had the experience of many conferences, hence are capable of handling conferences of any magnitude and subject.
  9. Marketing and Promotion: This is one of the biggest strengths of ICS Global. Our in-house IT team makes sure that your conference is ranked on top of all relevant search engines, online journals, and social circles. We assist in designing and implementing effective strategies for the promotion and marketing of the event including email marketing, telemarketing, online event registration, pre, and post-event communication. We also help prepare advertisements for publication in appropriate journals, magazines, and websites Our strong offline team visits relevant hospitals and colleges to spread the word and fetch maximum participation for your conference. Our expertise in domestic as well as international marketing and promotion will be an asset to any conference.
  10. Abstract Management: We prepare online and offline abstract forms as per your need. Our powerful customized software helps in receiving, logging, disbursing, editing, and managing abstracts and other paper submissions. Our team helps in the coordination of awards and presentations for selected abstracts during the conference.
  11. Fund Raising: This is another strength of our organization. As we are strongly networked with the top management of most pharmaceutical companies, we realize doctors do not have sufficient time and resources to do follow-ups. We, therefore, arrange for Biomedical Industry (BMI) Meets and our team helps in raising maximum sponsorship for the conference. Our team also visits several pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to raise funds. They even look after necessary negotiations and follow-ups. We even coordinate onsite to ensure that sponsors get what they have been promised, so it is a win-win situation for everyone.
  12. Raising Request for Proposals (RPFs) and Selecting Vendors: We closely work with you in creating customized RFPs as per the conference needs and provide a list of suitable vendors. We will be there with you to negotiate with vendors and arrive at the best price. Our team shall also help you in coordinating with them and ensuring proper execution of the work delegated to them.
  13. Press Assistance and Public Relations: Our expert team takes care of the publicity of the conference. We assist in sending invites, media briefing; arranging press conferences, pre, and post-event press releases, and circulating press kits. Good PR helps in spreading the success story of the event.
  14. Conference Registration: Our registration software takes care of online and offline registration and provides customized reports for the organizing committee.
  15. Travel and Transportation: We coordinate with all incoming and outgoing transportation of delegates. Adequate arrangements for transportation like airport pick-up facility and shuttle services from hotels to venue and venue to hotels are organized. Our ground transportation team looks after the safe and timely transport of guests to the host destination. We are proud to announce that this transport team of ours looks after more than 10,000 foreign guests every year.
  16. Food and Beverage Services: We ensure that the delegates get the best of food and beverage services onsite and offsite. Ranging from simple dishes to a variety of extravagant cuisines, we organize sumptuous dining options at the best affordable budget. From designing a menu to selecting vendors and arranging dining tables and areas, we coordinate with you from first to last.
  17. Audio-visual equipment: The heart and soul of any conference is a good audio-visual setup. Looking at the venue and need of the event, we select appropriate A/V instruments and vendors. We ensure to provide the best sound system and projectors that deliver good A/V quality as you would expect anywhere in the world.
  18. Exhibitions, banners, signage, and props: We advise you in creating the best signage for the delegates and appropriate backdrops for the conference as per the theme and requirement. From visualizing to designing and actual implementation of banners and exhibitions, we are there for all.
  19. Photography & Video Coverage: If required, we hire professional photographers to arrange for an entire photoshoot and videography to record minutes of the conference. The photographs of events are also prepared for ready distribution on the same day in a couple of hours.
  20. Onsite Registration: Arranging successful onsite registration without too many queues is essential for a successful conference. We have a qualified team and the latest software to take care of a hassle-free onsite registration. If required we can set up separate check-in kiosks for pre-registered delegates. Our onsite registration team helps out with the immediate registration of delegates in the venue itself.
  21. Venue Management: We assess the requirement for the venue as per the guidelines of the organizers and accordingly plan the setup. The adequate sitting arrangement of the delegates, proper set up of audio-visual equipment, ensuring free flow of traffic within the halls, reserved space for media persons, and arranging scientific requirements by the event are some of the areas we take care of in the venue.
  22. Hall Management: We assist in setting up every hall with adequate props and scientific requirements necessary for the conference. We ensure the free flow of traffic within the halls and make sure that there is not too much distance from one session to another. Active volunteers are there to coordinate with speakers and chairsperson during the event.
  23. Cultural and Social Events: As we are networked with different actors and several entertainment groups, we help you organize cultural and social events at an affordable cost. Special programs like art and culture shows, music and drama, fashion, etc. by famous personalities can be successfully held during the event.
  24. Accompanying persons program: Interesting activities like games, competitions, special sightseeing tours, and other interesting activities are arranged for people accompanying the delegates by a special team.
  25. Pre and Post Conference Tour: Apart from planning tour programs in and around the conference site, we also take care of touring to other important destinations as per requirements. Whether it’s a historical tour, nature tour, wildlife, beaches, or hill stations, we arrange every travel requirement. There will also be an option for an onsite tour booking booth.
  26. Valedictory Function: We help in organizing valedictory functions for the guests. We arrange for gifts and protocols to be distributed at the end. A farewell speech and note of thanksgiving is finally delivered.
  27. Audit of Conference: A qualified independent auditing team works on an evaluation of conference finances. They ensure that conference income and expenses are monitored and financial reports issued at the end of the conference are trusted and fair.